Meech launches new Hyperion ionising air curtain

Meech International has announced the latest addition to its Hyperion range of static control systems, the 959IPS ionising air curtain. The new unit is designed to provide effective static neutralisation and dust removal in a wide range of industrial applications across the plastics and packaging industries.

The 959IPS has an IP66 rating and is a hybrid solution that comprises a Hyperion 924IPS anti-static bar mounted on a Meech energy saving air curtain. The combination of the two technologies results in a high speed laminar sheet of ionised air.

“The Hyperion brand has been about adhering to three core principles: precision, performance and productivity,” explains David Rogers, Technical Director at Meech. “The 959IPS delivers on that promise by combining the key features of our static control equipment and Meech Air Technology (MAT).”

As with other products in the company’s MAT range, the 959IPS is an energy efficient solution and cuts compressed air demand by up to 70%, significantly reducing running costs. The air curtain component also ensures a noise reduction of up to 50dBA is achieved, which is significantly lower compared with “open pipe” systems that consume vast volumes of compressed air.

The 959IPS shares most of its features with those found in other Hyperion products. Running on a 24V DC power supply, the system’s compatibility with the Hyperion BarMaster programmer means the output voltage, frequency and balance can be adjusted remotely by the operator, therefore making it suitable for a range of applications. The unit also includes Meech’s Ion Current Monitoring technology (ICM), which ensures high performance is maintained with local and remote alerts for when the bar requires cleaning.

“The 959IPS is a welcome addition to the Hyperion brand,” concludes David. “Thanks to this latest innovation, we’re able to broaden further the capabilities of the range, as well as help businesses address their static control needs.”

View Hyperion 959IPS Ionising Air Curtain product page.