A Quick Insight: Web Converting Methods with CyClean

What is Converting?

Converting is the process in which flat rolls of material, known as webs, may undergo a process such as laminating or coating etc to produce a material of differing qualities.

What is Non-Contact Web Cleaning and Why is it Needed?

Non-Contact web cleaning is the process of contamination removal from the web without the need to make contact with the web at any point. This is an extremely important process as it prepares the surface of the web, ready for the converting stage of the application. The lack of contamination on the surface of the web will determine the quality of how the conversion will adhere.

Why is CyClean perfect for Non-Contact Web Cleaning?

CyClean offers a method of non-contact web-cleaning, employing both advanced static control and innovative air technology and fluid dynamics to produce excellent contamination removal from the web. View more information on the CyClean system and watch the informative videos here.

What Methods of Web Conversion and Coatings are there?

Gravure Coating: 

Reverse Roll Coating:

Metering Rod Coating:

Knife-Over-Roll Coating:

Slot Dye Coating:

Immersion Coating:

Curtain Coating:

Air Knife Coating:

How can we help you?

At Meech, we have developed a range of web cleaners, both non-contact and contact. If you are unsure on what system you might need, please get in touch and our industry experts will be able to offer the best advice, applicable to your precise requirements. Contact us on sales@meech.com for a no-obligation quote.