Fachpack 2019: Meech International To Present Its Newest Range Of Static Control And Web Cleaner Technology For The Packaging Industry

Meech will be showcasing several new products at Fachpack 2019 (Booth 4 – 413, 24 – 26 September, Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg), alongside its long-standing static control and web cleaning systems. These include the Hyperion 960IPS mid-range Pulsed DC ionising bar, the Hyperion IonCharge30 (15W) and Hyperion IonCharge50 (75W) static generators and the CyClean RTM non-contact web cleaner.

“Fachpack is a huge exhibition for the packaging sector,” says Ralph Simon, Sales Director at Meech International. “It provides Meech with the perfect stage to present its range of technological solutions that are designed to increase overall productivity and eliminate the various issues that arise during production. This year, we’re delighted to be bringing along four new products – all of which have been designed following feedback from the industry to streamline production processes.”

Meech’s Hyperion 960IPS delivers extremely powerful ionisation of up to 15kV. It’s Versatile and simple to install, the 960IPS’s frequency, balance and voltage is adjustable and with Meech’s Ion Current Monitoring technology incorporated, optimum performance can be maintained through local and remote alerts which notify operators when the bar needs cleaning.

“The Hyperion 960IPS is ideal for use in a variety of packaging applications where static charges can impact the appearance of the finished product or hamper the performance of machinery,” continues Simon. “Furthermore, the performance of this static bar and the others in the Hyperion range can all be monitored and altered through our Industry 4.0 solution – Hyperion SmartControl – which provides operators with an overview of the static bar performance on a fixed or remote device and enables them to adjust the operating settings to achieve maximum productivity and maximum quality of output.”

Meech’s other new additions to the Hyperion range include Hyperion IonCharge30 (15W) and IonCharge50 (75W). These versatile and technologically advanced static generators are suitable for use within a range of plastic-based applications that require temporary bonding of materials. “IonCharge30 is compact and simple to install, while IonCharge50 is Meech’s most powerful static generator,” says Simon. “They deliver excellent performance, reliable connectivity and ease of use, and what’s more, they are compatible with existing PLC networks and their touch screen interfaces allow for the monitoring and control of their performance.”

Meech’s new web cleaner, the CyCleanTM R, possesses the same qualities as seen in the original CyCleanTM. Incorporating Meech’s Hyperion 924IPS static bars, this non-contact single or double-sided system uses positive and negative blow and suction airflows to clean low-tension plastic webs. “Thanks to its compact size, CyCleanTM R is suitable for use in tight spaces and can handle high speed webs of up to 800m/min. Energy usage is kept a minimum when running it too, as it requires only low levels of air consumption to operate.”

Meech will also be displaying its comprehensive range of web cleaners on its stand. The CyCleanTM and ShearCleanTM will be demonstrating their non-contact cleaning capabilities, alongside contact cleaners TakCleanTM and VacCleanTM. This in addition to Meech‘s complete series of short, medium and long-range Hyperion static control bars – 924IPS, 929IPS and 971IPS.

Simon concludes: “Whether it’s to ensure consistent product quality or solve problems related to contamination and machine issues, Meech’s stand will offer a range of solutions designed to optimise production flow.

“Our staff will be on hand to answer any questions and explain in detail how our latest and proven products can bring significant benefits to the industry.”

Meech’s full range of products on display at Fachpack 2019:

Hyperion IonCharge30 (15W)
Hyperion IonCharge50 (75W)
Hyperion 960IPS
Hyperion SmartControl
Hyperion 971IPS and 924IPS
924EX with 233v4 power unit
914EX, 915EX and 976EX static bars
CyCleanTM R
Established web cleaners – CyCleanTM, TakCleanTM, VacCleanTM, ShearCleanTM and air handling unit