Meech EX Cabinet Cooler is Launched!

Based on the same vortex technology of the original cabinet cooler, we have developed the EX version as a direct response to requirement within the Category 2 (Zone 1), T4 Applications. The EX Cabinet Cooler is able to be installed in hazardous environments where sparks could be disasterous. With no moving parts, the panel cooling system requires very little maintenance and also has the advantage of fitting into limited spaces, where the unit can be attached to any wall of the cabinet/panel as required.

The launch of the new product has so far proved to be a fantastic addition to the Meech vortex cooling range. The certification means that Meech is able to supply a wider spectrum of end users with reliable, high quality products, which result in less down-time, in turn leading to increased performance and productivity.

The EX range from Meech was based on the need for reliable products that must be suitable to be installed in hazardous locations. The EX range of products have been specifically designed and tested to ensure they do not initiate an explosion, due to the unpredictable hazardous environments.

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