Meech’s range of static control and web cleaning technologies to feature at PLASTPOL 2016

Meech International will partner with Polish distributor Entro Holdings to showcase its complete range of web cleaners and anti-static bars at PLASTPOL 2016 (Stand E10, 17th – 20th May, Kielce, Poland). The largest international plastics exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe will make the ideal platform for showcasing how Meech’s technologies can help improve safety and product quality in the plastic industry.

Nigel Taylor, Coordinator for Meech Central Europe, comments: “PLASTPOL provides an opportunity for UK firms like Meech to explore new business prospects in the plastic sector of Central and Eastern Europe. The show attracted an impressive number of visitors in 2015 from a wide variety of countries, so we’re very pleased to be sharing a presence with Entro once again.”

Visitors to the stand will be able to view the complete range of Hyperion static control systems, which will include the 924IPS and 929IPS DC Ionising bars. The development and expansion of the Hyperion range has been possible thanks to Meech’s understanding of customers’ demands. The end result is a collection of systems that provide world leading static elimination, with the bars’ default settings allowing quick and easy installation for use in a variety of plastics applications.

Meech’s range of web cleaning technologies will also be on display, including the CyClean non-contact web cleaner. Capable of removing contamination to below 1 micron, the CyClean ensures cleanliness is maintained throughout the production process, which is of key importance in specific sectors such as food and medical. Meech’s non-contact web-cleaner is also particularly useful in the manufacture of plastic bags, as it proves ideal for removing waste particles, or chad, after the die cutting process.

“The plastics sector is going through constant changes and offers numerous business opportunities,” concludes Nigel. “PLASTPOL is the perfect place to discuss the latest trends with members of the industry and we look forward to welcoming them on our joint stand.”