Support for Meech Australia at Static HNH

We are proud to announce that Meech will be supporting Static HNH, Australia and New Zealand’s only conference and workshop dedicated to static electricity control, offering information, innovation and inspiration.

Cem Novella from Meech Austrailia will be representing and attending the show with Meech UK’s full support. Meech Australia will be displaying and demonstrating a selection of Meech static control equipment and will include some pieces from the revolutionary Hyperion range.

The show will offer the perfect environment for Meech to showcase the benefits that its equipment can provide for various different needs. It will also give the chance for visitors to talk to our industry experts who will be on hand to offer advice and share industry application knowledge.

Static HNH say: ‘If you haven’t seen the new Cyclean Web & Contaminant Cleaner or the 24V DCIPS static control ioniser, or are still unsure as to what static control equipment is best for you… here’s your chance to ask questions but more importantly, here’s your chance to get up close to the equipment.’

‘Experts from Meech will showcase the types of equipment and processes in use across the industry today and give you a sneak peak at some of the new equipment slated for release in 2018. This is all about touch and feel. If you haven’t seen the insides of an EXd static control tanker transfer unit or are still unsure as to why some clamps are more dangerous than others. Here’s your chance to ask questions but more importantly here’s your chance to get up close to the equipment.’

-Static HNH. Visit the website here